Is Charlotte the Women’s Division’s Cesaro?

char1NXT Takeover took place on September the 11th 2014 and it was the first time I ever saw Charlotte in action – and I think she might be one of the best things I’ve ever seen for the NXT women’s division (at least their title is far more attractive than that ugly butterfly on the main roster).

Her match, against the hugging and bugging Bayley, was great to watch and evoked some of my strongest reactions throughout the event (including the entertaining Enzo Amore with Big Cass, and Sami Zayn or Tyler Breeze’s close attempts to winning the NXT Championship).

The build-up wasn’t anything new or unexpected, featuring a story of two best friends and their friendship ending over the fact that only one can headline sports entertainment’s women’s division as champion. However, it still grabbed my attention with the genuine likability of Bayley and the fact that she became someone more serious as her journey to the championship progressed.

char2Yet her opponent Charlotte stole the spotlight. Athletic and smooth in the ring, she really looks tough. When I saw her in the ring, I knew she was a fighter. Her build was solid and her strikes looked so solid it reminded me of a certain Swiss Superman. Cesaro has reportedly gained a lot of backstage praise for his practical workouts due to the fact they are entirely function based, i.e. they’re done in order to improve his performance and strength in the ring and not just to look aesthetically pleasing.

Her submission (the figure-four leglock) looked snug and really believable, while her finisher has a fantastic name – Natural Selection. What’s the cherry on top that separates Charlotte a little from Cesaro? She can really cut a great promo with as much emotion and (forgive me) flair as The Nature Boy. She managed do everything I mentioned, without making me think she was just there because she was a second-generation star (a little less wooing though please). She was there because she’s one BMF.

Article originally published with Pyro & Ballyhoo HERE on 17/09/14.


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