This is PROGRESS Champion: Jimmy Havoc (Part 1)

Photography by James Musselwhite

Photography by James Musselwhite

I conducted an interview with one of Britain’s top wrestlers, Jimmy Havoc, a man known for his ability to tell a story. Hear him speak about his favourite band, commitment to character and what Jim Smallman’s wife thinks of him.

Interview conducted on 3/11/14.

Did you get up to much this past weekend?

I wrestled all weekend. Doug Williams on Friday, Kay Lee Ray on Saturday and then last night it was at the PROGRESS wrestling trainee show ENDVR against Pastor William Eaver.

It was really good, went really well.

Did you enjoy beating up a woman as promised?

Loved it. Continue reading


Interviewing LDN’s Managing Director: Sanjay Bagga (Part 2)


HARI: Is there a particular reason you directed your wrestling shows to include younger audiences compared to say 18+ audiences?

SB: You can put my show on anywhere in the country, put up a couple of thousand posters and you will draw a crowd. With an adult audience you’re focusing on a very specific audience and you can’t take it all over the country whereas I run my shows in the majority of areas and I can promote it.

So it speaks to my business side, if you want to run as many shows as possible to as many people as possible.   With 18+, you can run a show every couple of months. With my show Continue reading


Interviewing LDN’s Managing Director: Sanjay Bagga (Part 1)


I had the chance to share a phone conversation with Sanjay Bagga, the Managing Director of LDN wrestling based in London, England. Here’s what he had to say.

SB: I’ve only just got back from a show two and a half hours ago so I’m a bit rough.

HARI: Where was your show last night?

SB: North-Wales, so that’s a six hour drive by the time you’ve dropped people off back home and everything. Just got back home at 7.30, so a bit tired.

HARI: You were described as a well-dressed, passionate and confidant teenager, stirring up controversy on the UK Fan Forum, according to the book The Holy Grail. You are now Managing Director of LDN. Is it true you parents got you into wrestling from sitting you down in front of the television during the World of Sport days?

SB: That’s sort of true, my parents got me into World Of Sport but my generation grew up watching the WWF.

HARI: Who stood out to you at the time?

SB: The British Bulldog, I was a huge fan at the time, and Ric Flair too. The first wrestling show I ever watched live was SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley stadium, so you can imagine how that felt. Continue reading

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A Large Conversation with a Very Large Man: ICW’s Damian O’Connor (Part 2)

Photography by David J Wilson

Photography by David J Wilson

Here’s Part 2 of my conversation with Damian O’Connor. Not only was this a large conversation, but it also gets heavier. Enjoy the learning experience.

HARI: You wrestled Britain’s Bastard Dave Mastiff recently for ICW. A match where neither man looks like a gymnast or a swimmer, just two men about to batter one another. Did you enjoy standing on his chest? Continue reading


Unbelievable! A Convo with ICW’s Big Damo: Damian O’Connor (Part I)

Photography by David J Wilson

I had the absolute pleasure of holding a two-hour conversation with Damian O’Connor, a mainstay at Scotland’s ICW and Coach at the SOURCE Wrestling School.

Here’s Part 1 of my ‘Unbelievable’ conversation with Big Damo, as he talks about Sting, Vader, Mark Henry and perfectionism in wrestling!

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As we’re not far from Survivor Series 2014, here’s an article I wrote for WrestleTalk TV, detailing my top five favourite Traditional Survivor Series matches.

Original article HERE.

Survivor Series is one of the most anticipated pay-per-views in the WWE’s schedule, referred to as part of the sacred ‘Big Four’ along with The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and Summerslam. As a result, it has been home to Continue reading

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Top 5 Traditional Survivor Series Matches #ThrowbackThursday