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Photos from Pro Wrestling Chaos (courtesy of Ringside Perspective)



A Public Service Announcement from Pariah Khan for the July 26 show at Rodney Parade with Dragon Pro Wrestling above and the promotional poster below. You lucky people.


DPW: New Wave July 26


Visual evidence courtesy of Riot Duck Production, now Turning Face Photography, which Pariah Khan will be presenting to his lawyer:






ATTACK! Pro Wrestling – Under the Mistletour 2013 REVIEW #ThrowbackThursday

Under the Mistletour 2013

With Attack! Pro Wrestling coming to Bristol for their annual Christmas Extravaganza on Saturday 20th December at the Trinity Centre, I thought it would be appropriate to have a #ThrowbackThursday for my review of their show last year. It was a lot of fun and a really good show – enjoy!

Originally published through WrestleTalk TV, read HERE.


On 20/12/2013, for the second consecutive year, Continue reading


This is PROGRESS Champion: Jimmy Havoc (Part 1)

Photography by James Musselwhite

Photography by James Musselwhite

I conducted an interview with one of Britain’s top wrestlers, Jimmy Havoc, a man known for his ability to tell a story. Hear him speak about his favourite band, commitment to character and what Jim Smallman’s wife thinks of him.

Interview conducted on 3/11/14.

Did you get up to much this past weekend?

I wrestled all weekend. Doug Williams on Friday, Kay Lee Ray on Saturday and then last night it was at the PROGRESS wrestling trainee show ENDVR against Pastor William Eaver.

It was really good, went really well.

Did you enjoy beating up a woman as promised?

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A Large Conversation with a Very Large Man: ICW’s Damian O’Connor (Part 2)

Photography by David J Wilson

Photography by David J Wilson

Here’s Part 2 of my conversation with Damian O’Connor. Not only was this a large conversation, but it also gets heavier. Enjoy the learning experience.

HARI: You wrestled Britain’s Bastard Dave Mastiff recently for ICW. A match where neither man looks like a gymnast or a swimmer, just two men about to batter one another. Did you enjoy standing on his chest? Continue reading