ATTACK! Pro Wrestling – Under the Mistletour 2013 REVIEW #ThrowbackThursday

Under the Mistletour 2013

With Attack! Pro Wrestling coming to Bristol for their annual Christmas Extravaganza on Saturday 20th December at the Trinity Centre, I thought it would be appropriate to have a #ThrowbackThursday for my review of their show last year. It was a lot of fun and a really good show – enjoy!

Originally published through WrestleTalk TV, read HERE.


On 20/12/2013, for the second consecutive year, Bristol’s Trinity Hall was host to Attack Pro Wrestling’s Christmas extravaganza, the Under the Mistletour special. Without a doubt, my love for the city of Bristol continues to grow by providing one of the rowdiest and memorable audiences I’ve been part of, playing true to form topping the Tidal Championship Wrestling event this past November in the same venue.

Just entering the venue you could see this would be a special occasion with the effort put into setting the stage, with everything decked out in Christmas paraphernalia, whether it was giant candy canes, rivers of tinsel or large gift-wrapped presents. The show kicked off with a hyped up MC in a reindeer onezie, introducing the first bout between ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster taking on ‘The Wild Boar’ Mark Hitchman in an exciting starting contest.

I starting get to know Webster more through his online promos and MOD persona whilst I saw Boar at the previous indie show held in Bristol (get to know a little more about the two Welsh up-and-comers below).

Following this contest, a range of matches filled the mid-card including bouts between Mike Bird and Swindon’s own JD Knight, who was harassed with chants of ‘Damien Sandow’ due to his impressive but strikingly similar beard and facial hair (although this was outclassed by a fan in the audience, that truly was some manly growth on his face). Not only that, but the stakes were raised in a harrowing ‘Snow Holds Barred’ match, with the fans loving every inch of violence the foreign objects brought, whether the bone crushing cardboard presents or the allergy-inducing tinsel, everyone seemed to be having a riot.

The night was also home for two exciting Attack Pro Wrestling debuts in the form of old-fashioned, moustache-wielding, Arthur Klauser-Saxon. The throwback to the rich history of professional wrestling was great to watch.

However, the most memorable introduction of the night probably came from one of the most interesting, creepy and rather edgy characters in (what was described as ‘that racist sunflower guy’ by my friend) Old Poppa Sunflower. Entering the ring to Dubin and Burke’s “Tip Toe through the Tulips” made popular by modern horror film Insidious. No matter what you felt about it, you definitely remembered that scary flouncing flower.

One thing that never crossed my mind was drinking at a pro-wrestling event, I never drink whilst watching TV and that’s primarily the attitude I brought with me to any live show. However, this time things changed and I decided to take a few, and it made the show a whole new experience, joining in with the rowdy crowds and plastered front row. I don’t know if I’ll do it again in that manner, but it was one hell of a lot of fun (next time I’ll take the bus in so my friend Joe can hopefully join in).

The two co-main events of the night saw high octane tag-team Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne, recently coming off a tour in the US, taking on a team aptly named ‘Two Lanky White Guys’. It was refreshing to see a tag-team match pitting the MCMG-inspired good guys, ‘White Lightning’ and ‘Dynamite’, opposing two bad, but really tall, wrestlers. Andrews and Dunne were your prototypical babyfaces, and I genuinely wanted to cheer for them, sometimes wrestling magic just works. Check out clips from their tour over in America when they faced the likes of The Osirian Portal and what faces the lives of two young British wrestlers below:

The main event of the night featured a rabid audience completely against Damien Dunne, who came to the ring adorned with three beautiful and scantily dressed women, soaking in the hate sent his way. No doubt referencing past events and last year’s Christmas special, he kept trying to trash talk the audience. Starting his promo with the opener “Last Christmas…” he was cut off at every turn by a (heavily inebriated) crowd starting off a rendition of Wham!’s Last Christmas in retaliation, to the point where the Vickie Guerrero-esque boos caused Dunne to just give up trying to speak his mind.

When hometown hero, Sebastian Radclaw, finally came out, the applause was deafening and the match to follow was thoroughly entertaining. With an evil Santa coming to Sebastian’s aid before double-crossing him, events took a turn for the strange when yet another Santa came out, this time to take out the evil Santa (and black-bearded, eerily similar to Damien Sandow). Not only that, but the “Tree-L-C” chants were definitely over, with a ladder match climaxing in Radclaw’s obtaining the prize atop the ladder, with what would contain the first ever Attack Pro Wrestling 24/7 Championship, which would be defended from that moment onwards. This resulted in a very strong finish to the show, having the entire roster go from cheering and praising Sebastian, to running after him to become the next Attack Pro Wrestling Champion.

Not only did I and the rest of the crowd enjoy the match as wrestling fans, but it made me more excited for British independent wrestling. Particularly because of not only the deep-rooted passion, but the mix of fun whether it involved Pokémon or Nintendo Mario. That and you have to admire their motto “We do it for the money, obviously.”


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