Interviewing Britain’s Bastard: Dave Mastiff (Part 2)

bastard2HARI: Your original intentions when going out to America was to attend Harley Race’s training school, but you went to OVW instead. Why did you want to go to Harley and why did plans change?

DAVE: Well Harley Race’s reputation is next to none, as a wrestler, a promoter, a tough guy, he is well respected. He has a very talented school and links to both American and Japanese companies.

I was originally planning to go by myself to America, which was fine by me, but before I was meant to leave I worked with Basham and Nick Dinsmore extensively when they were in the UK. I was working with them, training with them, speaking with them a lot and they said so many positive things about OVW. Just look at the talent pool created under Rip there. Continue reading

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Interviewing Britain’s Bastard: Dave Mastiff (Part 1)

bastardI had the opportunity to sit down with one of Europe’s top wrestlers, and Britain’s own Dave ‘Bastard’ Mastiff, to talk about the world of professional wrestling and his experiences within it. Let’s get talking!

HARI: First off, whatever happened to Dave Morales?

DAVE: Dave Morales had a stake driven through his heart by Rip Rogers.

HARI: Was your previous gimmick based on Puerto Rican wrestling legend Pedro Morales?

DAVE: It was originally based off of the Mexican boxer Eric Morales. I’d used the name for a few years, but never thought anything about it. I probably too timid to ask for it to be changed.

When I was in OVW, Rip saw it and said “what the fuck, you’re not fucking Mexican.”

(HARI’S EDITING NOTE: the kip up in the match below may prove otherwise!) Continue reading


The Jim Cornette Series: Confidence

cornette red

With the passing of the WrestleTalk TV Presents: The Jim Cornette UK Tour, we celebrate the ‘Louisville Slugger’ stepping foot in the United Kingdom for the first time in his historic career with a series of Jim Cornette related articles. In the first instalment, I discuss the importance Cornette places on confidence in professional wrestling. Continue reading


The Jim Cornette Series: Ole Anderson and The Big Turn

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In an appearance on ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s podcast, Jim Cornette revealed that one of the case studies he advised students at OVW to look into for cutting a good promo was the Ole Anderson interview, conducted for Georgia Championship Wrestling after ‘The Big Turn of 1980’.

Opening with Ole speaking with Gordon Solie in front of an angry audience screaming Continue reading


The Jim Cornette Series: New Writers


In the penultimate edition of the Jim Cornette series for this week, I wanted to outline a number of issues Jim Cornette has with ‘writing’ or aspiring writers in the world of professional wrestling, in order to both inform us and avoid verbal abuse at the upcoming seminar on How To Be A Manager and Booker this Sunday at the WrestleTalk TV studio. For the full in-depth verbal assassination Continue reading


The Jim Cornette Series: YES! to Shoot Style Wrestling


In two of his contributions to Fighting Spirit Magazine and Cornette’s Commentaries, Jim Cornette discusses the thin line between love and hate in wrestling in one, and the historic rise of the art form in both Britain and America, highlighting the key contributions of legitimate tough men in the business. This theme is expanded upon in the book ‘Shooters: The Toughest Men in Professional Wrestling’ by Jonathan Snowden, which concludes with a resounding chapter that suggests Daniel Bryan maybe the latest in a long lasting tradition of legitimate tough athletes in professional wrestling. Continue reading

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Real Life Superhero Neal Adams, Part III: The Need for Batman?

Two episodes into the Neal Adams trilogy, we’re already filled to the brim with, as Kevin Smith would say, audio pornography. The third act explores real life superhero Neal Adams’ approach for The Caped Crusader before putting an even bigger twist on all things Cape & Cowl.


Adams tells Continue reading


Ryback’s Return: Rules! (A Rant on Retributive Booking)

ryback horiz

Last week on RAW, we saw Ryback return to accept an open challenge held by ‘The Inspirational’ Bo Dallas. What I mean by that, is we saw the entertaining, captivating and energy-fuelled ‘Big Guy’ babyface we watched rise through the ranks and contest at the main event level while holding his own.

After a surprisingly hot run in the company as a hero (or ‘babyface’), where entire crowds (high-pitched and low-pitched) would be screaming “Feed Me More!” it really did seem strange to suddenly pull the trigger on him after WrestleMania 29. Continue reading