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Interviewing Britain’s Bastard: Dave Mastiff (Part 1)

bastardI had the opportunity to sit down with one of Europe’s top wrestlers, and Britain’s own Dave ‘Bastard’ Mastiff, to talk about the world of professional wrestling and his experiences within it. Let’s get talking!

HARI: First off, whatever happened to Dave Morales?

DAVE: Dave Morales had a stake driven through his heart by Rip Rogers.

HARI: Was your previous gimmick based on Puerto Rican wrestling legend Pedro Morales?

DAVE: It was originally based off of the Mexican boxer Eric Morales. I’d used the name for a few years, but never thought anything about it. I probably too timid to ask for it to be changed.

When I was in OVW, Rip saw it and said “what the fuck, you’re not fucking Mexican.”

(HARI’S EDITING NOTE: the kip up in the match below may prove otherwise!) Continue reading