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John Cena beats the British Government

cena2The United Kingdom’s Government has plans for a cultural co-operative venture with the People’s Republic of China. A donation of £1,500,000 has been provided in order to translate all of William Shakespeare’s works into Mandarin. In addition, £300,000 has been announced by Cultural Secretary Sajid Javid in order to fund a tour of China by the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company).

However, professional wrestler John Cena appears to have had a head start in this area. Earlier this year in February, Stone Cold Steve Austin hosted John Cena on the Steve Austin Podcast (the family friendly version of course) and announced that he had begun to learn Mandarin during his almost non-existent free time. The leader of the Cenation has been learning for several hours a week for over one year in order to help expand the WWE’s product to the Chinese audience.

cena2Although World Wrestling Entertainment does have a globally successful television product, Cena stated that certain elements of the product still faced problems in the Chinese market. By tackling the issue and improving the ability to understand what the product offers, Cena and the WWE plan to improve relations and then lay the foundations to tour, televise and bring the WWE Network to the country. Just YouTube “John Cena China” and you can see the Doctor of Thuganomic Lingustics practice his Mandarin in house shows and press conferences.

The British Government is embarking on the project in order to foster closer relations between China and the UK in an attempt to grow a strong and progressive relationship, and in return many Chinese classics will be translated and performed in Britain. Unfortunately, John Cena beat them to it.

Article originally published HERE with Pyro & Ballyhoo on 17/09/14.

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