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Real Life Superhero Neal Adams, Part III: The Need for Batman?

Two episodes into the Neal Adams trilogy, we’re already filled to the brim with, as Kevin Smith would say, audio pornography. The third act explores real life superhero Neal Adams’ approach for The Caped Crusader before putting an even bigger twist on all things Cape & Cowl.


Adams tells Smith about how his inspiration for drawing Batman’s legendary cape came from watching Christopher Lee move with his own robe in the 1958 film Dracula. He then goes on to discuss his characterisation and the nuances in his writing from Batman: Odyssey and The First X-Man, both of which (whether you have read or enjoyed the books or not) are informative and eye-opening.

The clincher is towards the end, where Adams goes into a story he wrote where the conclusion makes you re-evaluate the idea that Bruce Wayne has to be the mask and Batman is the ‘real’ person underneath, by placing Batman in a situation where detective skills and flying fists won’t overcome social injustice, highlighting whether Batman or Bruce Wayne are able to make a real difference in order to be the hero Gotham needs and take it from the filth and muck into a place where change is possible.

If that sparks your interest, listen to Part 3 of Neal Adams on Fatman on Batman right here:

Originally published by Pyro & Ballyhoo HERE.

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