Interviewing Britain’s Bastard: Dave Mastiff (Part 2)

bastard2HARI: Your original intentions when going out to America was to attend Harley Race’s training school, but you went to OVW instead. Why did you want to go to Harley and why did plans change?

DAVE: Well Harley Race’s reputation is next to none, as a wrestler, a promoter, a tough guy, he is well respected. He has a very talented school and links to both American and Japanese companies.

I was originally planning to go by myself to America, which was fine by me, but before I was meant to leave I worked with Basham and Nick Dinsmore extensively when they were in the UK. I was working with them, training with them, speaking with them a lot and they said so many positive things about OVW. Just look at the talent pool created under Rip there. Continue reading