Booking Brock, Volume II: Cena and the Championship


After that fantastic match at SummerSlam, we see Brock Lesnar become Champion after the brutal beat-down he puts on Cena, who is probably the only wrestler in the company that could handle such a one-sided affair and still not lose any credibility: it just made Brock Lesnar look that much stronger.

As discussed by Andrew Goldstein on Grantland’s Cheap Heat podcast, WWE really missed the boat on finally introducing an element of vulnerability into the John Cena story arc. But I think it should have been taken further than that. Assuming Brock is going to stay as Champion until ‘Mania, WWE need as much star power and potential as possible to put against him in the high-profile or big four events: including the up-and-coming Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.

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