Pro Wrestling Chaos (March 2014) – REVIEW #ThrowbackThursday

With the upcoming Pro Wrestling Chaos show taking place in Brislington next week, what’s more apropos than a review I conducted for them earlier in March, courtesy of WrestleTalk TV.

Originally published HERE.

Living in Bristol, I was excited to hear that a new wrestling promotion was opening near me – Pro Wrestling Chaos. Furthermore, it was interesting to see how the show was scheduled around a completely different audience from the Attack Pro Wrestling event at the end of 2013. This time, the primary audience members were children and their families, thereby playing to a different crowd and adopting a different style of performance where necessary.

The show started with a bout between J.D. Knight and hometown hero Alex Steele. This featured the age-old antics of the villainous J.D. Knight praising his own hometown of Swindon much to the distaste of all the faithful Bristolians at ringside – who responded by cheering their local wrestling star and chanting ‘Swindon sucks’ in order to infuriate the man from Swindon.

This was then followed by a match between “Two Lanky White Guys” member Chris Brookes, flicking his hair like any number of irritating emo teenagers in our lives, pitted against Bristol wrestling hero Dave Mercy, draped in the flag of St George to rile up the support. Throughout the contest, Mercy attempted to use the jumping cutter (the RKO) but was thwarted, increasingly becoming more inflamed by each failure to get the decision by pounding his fists into the mat to fire up the crowd. He eventually would execute the move and proceeded to continue on to the next round of the Pro Wrestling Chaos tournament. This was also used in order to build up to his Last Man Standing contest against ‘Flying’ Mike Bird at the next Pro Wrestling Chaos event on March 22nd in Yate.

The first half of action was ended with the co-main event contest between ‘Dirty’ Dick Riley and ‘Filthy’ Chris Walker who formed the tag-team The Magnums. They came out to the ring and brazenly flaunted their smutty personas with the women and mothers in the crowd, something that probably went straight over their children’s heads. The X-Rated team continued to pull such stunts throughout the match, shining the light on their sexually charged antics.

Their opponents for the contest were The Wild Galleons’ Captain Morgan and Roger the Cabin Boy. Unfortunately, Morgan was falling over the place, too drunk to be fit for battle (with his favourite drink of choice bearing his namesake). Whilst The Magnums celebrated in the ring, an announcement was made that Morgan had found a suitable replacement for his contest and unleashed – The Kraken!

Out to the ring came a huge masked man with tentacles forming out of his head, ready to lay waste to The Magnums. Teaming with Roger the Cabin Boy, a flamboyant and extremely camp sailor, the two of them battled Dirty Dick and Filthy Chris, with the latter two cheating in every way imaginable and beating Roger viciously, bringing him to the verge of tears before he was able to tag his partner The Kraken into the match who proceeded to clean house until the conclusion of the match.

Following these events and during the interval, a little birthday celebration was held for a small boy in the audience, with him being presented a Wrestling Ring cake for the special occasion.

Upon the resumption of the night, a highly competitive bout took place between ‘Mr. Reem’ Scotty Essex and the wicked Mike Bird, with sinister spirals and shapes shaved into his hair, giving him the presence of someone even more iniquitous.

The two battled fiercely, with Essex being able to get the crowd behind him as he dazzled the fans with a number of destructive and impressive feats of athleticism whilst continuing to cause damage to Bird – including a Lionsault with incredible hangtime and mean-looking moonsault side slam – The Spanish fly. Unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome the cunning Bird who would eventually go on to win and build himself into a stronger position going in to face long-time rival Dave Mercy at the next event.

Following this was a hard-hitting battle between Gideon and American wrestler John Grisham which saw a suicide dive launched from the athletic Grisham that turned into a cross body which was a very impressive feat to witness. Grisham would continue on and despite being pounded and battered by Gideon, he would continue to reach out to the fans for support and somehow found a way to overcome the odds and conquer the heinous Gideon for the victory.

In the main event of the evening, The Wild Boar went one-on-one in another tournament qualifying match with the vicious Jeckel. Preceding the match, I saw a young boy go to get a high five from Boar and then ran over to his parents with the biggest smile on his face. Unfortunately, the battle between these two was not anything that induced emotions of joy. After competing against one another for some time, the contest ended in a draw following a Dusty Finish double-count, which then turned ugly as a brawl ensued on the resolution of the match. The entire locker room emptied in order to separate the two from continuing to tear away at each other. It was announced at the very end that there would be a rematch scheduled between the two in order to carry on with the tournament and that it would take place at the next Pro Wrestling Chaos event – on March the 22nd in Yate.

Overall, the show and specifically the build-ups throughout the night made for a very interesting show, increasing the excitement for what will happen in the next instalment.


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