A Public Service Announcement from Pariah Khan for the July 26 show at Rodney Parade with Dragon Pro Wrestling above and the promotional poster below. You lucky people.


DPW: New Wave July 26


Visual evidence courtesy of Riot Duck Production, now Turning Face Photography, which Pariah Khan will be presenting to his lawyer:





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Rife Magazine: Panthers v Bullets


This article was originally published for Rife Magazine and can be found HERE.

Hari watches two documentaries about recent histories and weighs them up.

Last month, the Watershed put on two very different films following two different movements, in two different eras, led by black Americans. The first was ‘3/1 Minutes, Ten Bullets’ a documentary by Marc Silver that dissects the aftermath of Jordan Davis’s shooting in Jacksonville, Florida. The second was ‘Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution’, directed by Continue reading

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble 2014! #ThrowbackThursday


With the Royal Rumble coming up, here’s my article from Wrestle Talk TV discussing the build up to last year’s event. Did it end up as anticipated, and how does this year’s build up compare? Let me know.

Originally published HERE.

An event that hosts a match arguably more anticipated than the Wrestlemania main event itself, Continue reading



As we’re not far from Survivor Series 2014, here’s an article I wrote for WrestleTalk TV, detailing my top five favourite Traditional Survivor Series matches.

Original article HERE.

Survivor Series is one of the most anticipated pay-per-views in the WWE’s schedule, referred to as part of the sacred ‘Big Four’ along with The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and Summerslam. As a result, it has been home to Continue reading

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Top 5 Traditional Survivor Series Matches #ThrowbackThursday