ATTACK! Pro Wrestling – Under the Mistletour 2013 REVIEW #ThrowbackThursday

Under the Mistletour 2013

With Attack! Pro Wrestling coming to Bristol for their annual Christmas Extravaganza on Saturday 20th December at the Trinity Centre, I thought it would be appropriate to have a #ThrowbackThursday for my review of their show last year. It was a lot of fun and a really good show – enjoy!

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On 20/12/2013, for the second consecutive year, Continue reading


Booking Brock Lesnar, Volume IV: Survivor Series


EDITING NOTE: since this article was published, it was revealed that the Royal Rumble would be hosted in Philadelphia. For that reason, I think you could switch the build-up for the events in this article with those for the Rumble in Volume VI.

Once again, we have four weeks of television between Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series. As Survivor Series is one of the big four events, we will need someone noticeably strong for Brock to face.

Week 1

RAW after the PPV: Brock Lesnar is absent from RAW (there’s no point having him on all the time, especially if we use him on the PPV after and the PPV before all the time, it’s too repetitive and could get monotonous). John Cena should also be taken off air, probably for twice as long as before so two months – making a return either Continue reading


Booking Brock Lesnar, Volume III: Hell in a Cell


We have 4 Weeks of television between Night Of Champions and Hell In A Cell.

Let’s start from the RAW after the Pay-PerView.


Week 1  RAW [Video package opens – Decimation of Chris Jericho the night before and shots cut in of John Cena’s demise at SS and Undertaker at WrestleMania, then more quickly through Big Show, CM Punk at SummerSlam 2013, Triple H and Cena from 2012]

Opening Segment: Brock comes out with Heyman and his goons (the Paul Heyman guys, who all lost last night no less) in order to gloat, but before he can even finish his first sentence Continue reading


Booking Brock, Volume II: Cena and the Championship


After that fantastic match at SummerSlam, we see Brock Lesnar become Champion after the brutal beat-down he puts on Cena, who is probably the only wrestler in the company that could handle such a one-sided affair and still not lose any credibility: it just made Brock Lesnar look that much stronger.

As discussed by Andrew Goldstein on Grantland’s Cheap Heat podcast, WWE really missed the boat on finally introducing an element of vulnerability into the John Cena story arc. But I think it should have been taken further than that. Assuming Brock is going to stay as Champion until ‘Mania, WWE need as much star power and potential as possible to put against him in the high-profile or big four events: including the up-and-coming Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.

For that reason Continue reading


Booking Brock Lesnar, Volume I: The Streak


With all the speculation surrounding Brock Lesnar holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (if only they could have changed the name when they changed the logo),  I am going to throw my hat into the squared circle in order to track a potential progression from the events at Summer Slam up until WrestleMania 31.

We can’t discuss anything about The Beast Incarnate without mentioning The Streak. Continue reading


This is PROGRESS Champion: Jimmy Havoc (Part 1)

Photography by James Musselwhite

Photography by James Musselwhite

I conducted an interview with one of Britain’s top wrestlers, Jimmy Havoc, a man known for his ability to tell a story. Hear him speak about his favourite band, commitment to character and what Jim Smallman’s wife thinks of him.

Interview conducted on 3/11/14.

Did you get up to much this past weekend?

I wrestled all weekend. Doug Williams on Friday, Kay Lee Ray on Saturday and then last night it was at the PROGRESS wrestling trainee show ENDVR against Pastor William Eaver.

It was really good, went really well.

Did you enjoy beating up a woman as promised?

Loved it. Continue reading


Interviewing LDN’s Managing Director: Sanjay Bagga (Part 2)


HARI: Is there a particular reason you directed your wrestling shows to include younger audiences compared to say 18+ audiences?

SB: You can put my show on anywhere in the country, put up a couple of thousand posters and you will draw a crowd. With an adult audience you’re focusing on a very specific audience and you can’t take it all over the country whereas I run my shows in the majority of areas and I can promote it.

So it speaks to my business side, if you want to run as many shows as possible to as many people as possible.   With 18+, you can run a show every couple of months. With my show Continue reading


Interviewing LDN’s Managing Director: Sanjay Bagga (Part 1)


I had the chance to share a phone conversation with Sanjay Bagga, the Managing Director of LDN wrestling based in London, England. Here’s what he had to say.

SB: I’ve only just got back from a show two and a half hours ago so I’m a bit rough.

HARI: Where was your show last night?

SB: North-Wales, so that’s a six hour drive by the time you’ve dropped people off back home and everything. Just got back home at 7.30, so a bit tired.

HARI: You were described as a well-dressed, passionate and confidant teenager, stirring up controversy on the UK Fan Forum, according to the book The Holy Grail. You are now Managing Director of LDN. Is it true you parents got you into wrestling from sitting you down in front of the television during the World of Sport days?

SB: That’s sort of true, my parents got me into World Of Sport but my generation grew up watching the WWF.

HARI: Who stood out to you at the time?

SB: The British Bulldog, I was a huge fan at the time, and Ric Flair too. The first wrestling show I ever watched live was SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley stadium, so you can imagine how that felt. Continue reading